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FoxSmart 10221Outdoor Amplified HDTV...

Price $34.00

FoxSmart’s premium, all-weather, amplified, omni-directional Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna is the ideal way to catch your favorite nationally broadcast networks. Mount this antenna to a pole or support beam in your attic or on the side of the house and you’re getting 100% free digital HD quality TV. With anti-interference built-in and digital amplification, this antenna pulls in signal up to 40 miles away.

RCA ANT1100Z Ultrathin...

Price $20.99

You can receive local HD digital broadcasts channels for free. This RCA Ultrathin Multidirectional HDTV Indoor Antenna will complement today's slick flat panel TVs with superior signal reception quality. It outperforms traditional antennas due to the patented design.